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If You Think Youre Doing Well Enough
NOT TO Analyze Your Site Traffic Statistics,
In This ALL Mad, Insane and Super Fast,
Dog Eat Dog Internet Marketing World,
Then I Have This To Say....


But!! The Good News Is, You Can Stop Burying Your Websites In The Search Engines When You Discover Zoom Stats: Your Golden
Treasure Chest Of Online Traffic!

- Discover Which Day and What Time Your Site Receives The Most Hits.
- Know Exactly Where The Hits Come From
- Take Advantage Of What Keywords Your Visitors Use To Find Your Website
- Helps You Determine Which Days Or Weeks In A Year Thats Best For You To Have More Offers
- RSS and Free Access Enabled! (Trust Me This Is A Great Feature When You Intend To Sell Your Website)
- Save On Advertising Dollars By Focusing More On The Things That Works For Your Website

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Youll Be Surprised With The Information Youll Be Able To Gather With Zoom Stats....Information Thatll Triple Your Online Profit Potentials..

We Really Hate To Say This: The Longer You Wait, The Slower
Itll Take To Build A Solid Data You Can Easily Use To
Produce Better Results For Your Web Sites!

Get Zoom Stats Now!

Dear Netrepreneurs,

Do you know that a lot of brand-new business proprietors become wholly centered on designing their site, advertising their company or drawing in fresh buyers. However, they might neglect the importance of preserving latest site statistics. These information allows you to identify key performance indicators that let you recognize if youre getting along substantially or if there are regions where you require to improve or make major changes.

If you do not have access to these critical data, youll continue to move on blindly with your new business venture.

The consequence - you may end up failing before you know it.

A good website analysis will also point out to you if whatever modifications youve recently took are proving successful or not. This way you are able to determine whether to carry on as usual or make additional changes. Theres no point duplicating similar mistakes over and over.

If you do not continuously monitor the outcome of the changes, youll never recognize how good youre doing.

This also assures you are receiving optimum results for your advertising or marketing budget.

You might reckon that spending a lot of revenue to advertize with a certain company is a bright idea. However, will you think the same way once you start checking your site statistics and understand that your advertizing dollars havent acquired one single visitor from the companys marketing campaigns. Absolutely not! Then again, you might be amazed to realize that one of your less costly marketing campaigns produces much more successful results.

You might believe that the only number you need to be worried about is the total amount of traffic who visits your web site each month. Well, this isnt the case because you need additional statistics to perform a decent analysis.

But way too much clutter can also result in intimidating you putting you off even to look at it....

Which is why we decided to build.....


Not all scripts are created alike and we are proud to say that this is one of them that you will be using ever so more often.

Is not like any other site tracking scripts since it is cleverly designed with a get fast info
attitude in mind.

Free Access Enabled

Most of them werent even interested when we told them we have enabled Zoom Stats to allow Free Access to everyone....they say, What the heck for? and when we explained, its like an Aha moment you regularly see on Oprah. ;)

There will be a point in time where you would like to show someone your stats (no not how your body measures).

Maybe youre selling a website or just bragging to show how well your methods in bringing traffic are to your buyers.

So instead of pasting some crappy photoshopped screen shot of your stats, why not give them the real thing and let them know you have nothing to hide. Thats a sure way to convince your buyers that your methods really do work! Trust me....this feature alone can boost your sales.

Besides, would you rather have them login into your cPanel or third party site stats account to view how fantastic you are in marketing your web sites? I dont think so. :)

RSS Feeds Enabled

You let them have free access to your live web site stats and
youve enabled feeds too?

You may disagree but think about it.....

IF you can allow your visitors to subscribe to live feeds of the top most visited pages and where your traffic comes from, wouldnt that be a bonus to buyers of your websites, or perhaps you have a firesale...thatll definitely give a sense of urgency to those fence sitters to act and buy.

You can also subscribe to your own feeds and thru a desktop RSS reader see how well youre doing without even launching your browser.

And how about this insane idea.....use your live feeds to market your websites....

As your live stats are constantly changing, your RSS feeds will too. Submit them to RSS sites and theyll bring more traffic to your websites. How cool is that?

And btw...do you know that Adsense has a feature thatll allow you to monetize your feeds?

There you have it instant monetization on Zoom Stats.....who says your Website Stats are for analysis only? Yes, you can make money out of Zoom Stats feed feature too!

Just think about it....while this are just some ideas of how you can leverage through Zoom Stats...picture what you can gain when you add a little imagination. ;)

No Technical Experience Required!

Wow! Thats awesome! But Jahn, I am not really a techie person....and I dont really know database configuration...how can I use your software?

Remember we mentioned Desktop Installer? Just a few steps and your Zoom Stats Viewing Panel is ready to serve you..

...and we assume that most just hate the idea of configuring MySQL DB because its way to technical....so Zoom Stats was built without any MySQL config to worry about!

Zoom Stats is live in just two simple steps.

Upload through the built in FTP of the desktop installer
CHMODD just a few files
and its done....no other hidden steps. How much easier can it be?

Uncover New And Untapped Niches Like A Guru!

Sasha Rakhmanikova, angalagon & uluulustreet

I didnt know they found a few of my sites through those keywords.

What it meant, I am not sure of and to think of it, those sites were just plain niche sites built as affiliate websites....

But one things for sure ...those are niches, that most wouldnt even expected to see a demand...and I am about to zoom into it, all thanks to my Zoom Stats Viewing panel! ;)

Now you might be thinking that a much needed, excellent tool like this will cost an arm and a leg...

If you had to hire a programmer to create this system for you, you could spend upwards of $1200 to $1500 dollars to have this put together... But, Im not going to even come close to that price!

But like all great things, the end product turns out to be so amazing that it can be applied to other tasks and other industries as well.

And what we have right now is just the tip of the iceberg.

Own this magnificent solution today and conquer new grounds with the power itll give you!

Get Your Copy of Zoom Stats Now For Only $3.95
You can download it right now -- even if its 2:00 a.m in the wee hours of morning.!

To your Success,


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